Does A Register Relate To A Title?

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When writing a message all the way through to a report you choose what type of writing style before you start whether you know it or not. If you were writing to a close friend you would most likely use slang words, shorten words and less punctuation. Then there is the other end of the scale; writing documents that require formal writing such as business reports. In these documents you obviously wouldn’t use slang like writing to a friend, unless the document required it (or you worked for the most laid back business in the world), you would use correct spelling and punctuation to make your document look as professional as possible. These writing styles can be plotted on a register, running from Informal to Neutral to Formal.

Now you that you have decide your writing style and maybe even written the document, email, blog, or report you may need to decide on a title for the piece of work. It all depends on the context and requirements. For an email this is the Subject line. The title needs to relate to the work and ether be informative or captivating to the reader/s.

As for a report the title will most likely need to be short and informative in relation to the document. For example a report on the expenditure for the second quarter could be; NMIT Expenditure – Second Quarter. It is short sharp and straight to the point. This makes it easy to see what the document contains just from the title especially if it is bundled with other items.

For work that needs more captivating titles such as news items and blogs a bit more creativity is needed to bring readers to your document. This is particularly important in the modern world with so many people fighting for internet real estate you will need a creative and interesting title to bring in readers. They also need to be specially picked if they want to target a particular demographic or gender. Below is an example of a title used in a newspaper. It’s captivating and ties in with the article but also plays with a historic saying that older people will know and have an emotional attachment too. It is better than just saying; NASA Delete 1st Moon Landing Videos, that is what the second smaller title is for. The first delivers the punchline and informs us that it is do with NASA while the second tells us what the article is actually about.

This then all relates back to the blogs we have to write for the ITC class. First we need to decide where on the register our blog needs to sit. As this is for our education our blogs need to be more at the Formal end of the register but can slip back to the Neutral section if needed to portray our point. Each of our blogs require a title and this definitely is an important bit with teachers needing to read so many blogs in a short period of time. This means that our objective is to captivate them to read our blog which is primarily done through the title.

One thought on “Does A Register Relate To A Title?

  1. A good start. You make some interesting points. More careful editing of your sentences would be useful. For example, try reading your first sentence aloud and see what you could do to help the sense of it.
    Cheers, ellie

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