Customer Service

We are greeted by a lively and bubbly lady by the name of Pauline Carson. I could already tell this class is about customer service as I know this is how a customer should be treated. She quickly got our attention with a joke, some important things to remember about customer service and quick run through of what we would be learning. The joke was the best start she could have because as we were about to learn the first 4 seconds are the most important in building a good impression with someone. The quote and quick explanation were part of the next part; it takes 4 minutes to leave a lasting impression, which is what she achieved.

Is “What I can do for you is” a common thing you hear when on the phone with a sale person or with customer service. This little sentence is a lot better than “I can’t” and before this 2 hour class I didn’t really see it significance, but now seeing it in the sense of customer service I see it. It’s these little changes in the way you speak to a customer is everything in building the first 4 minutes of a good impression which leads to a good relationship. I think this is something I definitely need to look at working on when talking to people.

The next big eye opener for me in the class was how she got us to fill out a few questions and by this she could separate the class out into 4 groups, Eagle Peacock, Dove and Owl. This little exercise was quick but after filling out the questions I determined by my score I was a Persuasive Peacock. Now this might not mean much to you as a reader but when she explained what each group meant it all made sense. In short a Peacock is for example a manager. A person that is a little bossy and will instruct (or in my case persuade) people what to do in a group but also thrives and gets their energy off their friends. Thinking about this it almost matches my mission statement “My purpose is to be a fun easy-going person while keeping family, friends, internal and external clients close leading to self-satisfaction.” When she explained each group you could see everyone’s surprise when she pretty much explained each persons personality, even when they are stressed. This really made me see when I first meet a person I need to put them into each one of these category and treat them as they act in each situation and there needs.

This class changed my view on customer service and I’d like to thank Pauline for that. I’ll leave you with a short extract from a quote she said;

Enjoy the journey.

Keep on learning.

Learn to love your mistakes.

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