It’s not theft, it’s Copyleft

Do you think that copying is always theft or not – explain your reasons?

Copying and theft are totally different things. Copying implies you are taking the original and making a copy so the owner keeps the original. With theft though it implies stealing or taking the original from the owner. Because of this I don’t think we can imply that copying is theft. In the short video by Nick Phelps it shows my point even if it is a bit of a childish way of showing it. If people were so worried about their work being copied then they wouldn’t publish it to books or put it on the internet, they would keep it to them self where there is no risk of it being copied. But in this world of sharing everything the risk of someone copying it is everywhere but it is the only way forward in this world.

Who was Aaron Swartz and what part has he played in the copyright debate?

Aaron Swartz was an amazing computer programmer and activist. He played a big role in helping to keep the internet free a free place. He was involved in the the fight against SOPA and the creation of creative commons organization. He was instrumental in the fight against corporate and political groups through the use of social media and public talks. Aaron wanted a free internet where the world of online knowledge was open to everyone with no restrictions and that big money people didn’t control it. He committed suicide in 2013 after being prosecuted with two charges of steeling information from a University Database.

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