• Which types of businesses would benefit the most from internationalization?
  • Which (kind of) countries would most benefit from internationalization?

For the two questions above I think I can answer them both at once. Today I was looking on AliExpress, a online store that business from all over the world can advertise on, and I noticed that most of the translations where from Chinese and Japanese to English. Some of the translations are almost perfect but others aren’t. I found a phone that was for sale on there and there where many discrepancies in the translation. Although there is these an international buyer still understands what the product is and what they are buying so the product still sells. So I think I’ve answered both questions, sales companies, and business benefit most when trying to sell on the international market and because China is the main producer of consumer products on the market I think they benefit the most.

An unanswered question that I had after the presentation was; Are there business that provide translation services, for the likes of Web Sites?

Yes there are. Two main ones I found online where; Systran and SDL. These provide free online and professional services of different types for documents through there online service.

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