ICT501 in 2015

Three blogs that I have written recently, because of the ICT course that have had the biggest impact and meaning to me, have been;

I have picked these three because they are all blogs with subjects or content that I haven’t written in the past. They were also the ones I did the most research on as well as extra reading beyond what was required for the blog.

What is real?
Or as I titled it Is this Real? This blog tickled my fancy because it was based around idea of “what is real.. are we real?” that friends and I frequently talked about a few years back. I enjoyed it because it made think about what we talked about but in the context of technology and how far virtual reality has come. Like I say in my blog I highly recommend reading the book called Feed by M.T Anderson. What is written in the book is inline to become our future and most of it isn’t what anyone would call utopia. For this reason what is real is and should be a question that we ask ourselves regularly so we don’t get lost in the now.

This blog I for me was fun to write because it was something of our choice that we were/are passionate about. Innovation is everything in our society of mass consumption so if someone innovates on something or creates something new that gets people interested or excited then they have succeeded. This was the case with Pebble. I had been following their Kickstarter campaign and there successus so I saw this as an opportunity to write about them. It also allowed me to explore a fun style of informative writing for the blog.

Internet’s Own Boy
Aaron’s view on the copyright laws was very clear, he didn’t like them because they restricted the sharing of information. He highly opposed the SOPA bill that the US government was trying to pass. These were all things he stood up for and got the public involved, even I was. Without him I wouldn’t of known about the bill so I have to thank him. The documentary that we had to watch for the questions ask was great and showed me a lot about his amazing talent. I believe he was an amazing person that many are and should look up too.

What should be added the the course?
Within the class I believe a topic not covered in class that should be is the Cloud and cloud computing. I am doing a course on it at the moment in Networking at level seven and before starting the course it hadn’t really be looked at anywhere else. Also I didn’t previously see the scale that Cloud computing had before starting the course. If you talk to Mark he will have the same opinion as I do. I think it would be a good subject to cover in ITC as it has a lot of relevance in the modern technological world.

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