RES701 Opening Blog

This semester (2nd semester 2015) I will be doing taking the course RES701. I think this class will be beneficial to the last semester of my Degree as this class goes over some of the required documentation and how to plan and write it. To start out this class the following questions were to be answered in post on our blogs;

  • What do you think ‘research’ is?
  • Do you think you will ever need research skills?
  • What is plagiarism?
  • Why is it important to avoid it?

Research is a fundamental part of human development. Research has allowed you and I to do anything we do today. When we are born we only know a few how to do natural things like breath, keep our heart beating to name a few. We are not born knowing how to talk, walk, prepare a meal, drive or even write this blog. We do research to learn how to do these for example by watching, reading, trying them ourselves until we achieve the results we want. As humans we always want to learn more and that is what has lead to human development progression. What I am trying to say is that research is where we take a source of knowledge to learn anything new, whether it gives you the outcome desired or requires analysis and/or further research to reach an outcome. The outcome could be as simple as gaining more knowledge for fun all the way to solving a world crisis. Anything new requires research.
We all have some research skills and methods that we use everyday. Improving on those skills is, although not necessary, important to to gaining more knowledge quicker and with better understanding and with a greater chance that the information is relative to the objective.

Plagiarism is taking or using some else’s work or ideas without permission and claiming it to be work of your own. This can be for both profit of non-profit use of the work. Copyright, Creative Commons and moral rights control what can and can’t be used and how it can be used. Plagiarism is a act of fraud and stealing and is punishable in the courts.
There a few way to avoid plagiarism such as getting permission from the owner of the work and sticking to guidelines or limitations that were set out in an agreement. Some owners allow the use as long as the work is referenced in your work and not claimed as being yours.

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