RES701 – Design Science Research review of my Research Question

Can the below be framed as Design Science?
Yes it can, although it might not be the best way, it all depends on the fundamental goal. Looking at the research question the better method would properly be case study or something similar. If the Fundamental Goal was to just research this or investigate known ways then definitely. But with the Goal requiring a plan then design science becomes the best.

Research Question;
How do a variety of businesses / corporations protect against whistleblowers or possible data leakage points?

Fundamental Goal;
Create a universal plan to prevent identified information/data leakage points.

  1. Identify
    1. What does universal mean in this context?
    2. What is meant by prevent?
    3. What is identified information/data?
    4. What are leakage points?
    5. What is required in a plan?
    6. What is a variety of businesses / corporations?
    7. What are there plans cover and involve?
  1. Design
    1. Use methods from previous plans
    2. Identify a target range of businesses / corporations
    3. Understand what a variety of businesses / corporations define as leakage points
    4. Understand how security plans are previously implemented
    5. Understand the range of information/data that needs to be protected
    6. Identify the range of the plans that will cover the variety of businesses / corporations
  2. Implement
    1. Construct a universal plan
    2. Implement plan in a business / corporation environment
  1. Evaluate
    1. Report on results
    2. Summarize information found
    3. Review and reevaluate plan

Identify Stage

  1. Review and refine fundamental goal in more detail, defining scope and range. Example; what are leakage points?
  2. Define a range of businesses / corporations that the plan will aim to cover
  3. Literature review;
    1. Known risks
    2. Known methods to stop leaks
    3. How plans are implemented
    4. Different levels or risks and how to identify them
  4. Find and learn interview techniques
  5. Find ways to create great plans
  6. Create an interview plan that will cover all points identified

Design Stage

  1. Source previous plans
  2. Interview businesses / corporations


  1. Construct the plan
  2. Implement it

Evaluation Stage

  1. Interview and review businesses / corporations that plan was trialed in
  2. Reevaluate plan on findings

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