MUV First Post (Hello World)

  • What is a virtual world?

This is like asking what is real. A virtual world is a world which is viewed normally using technology in a 3d way, although it can be viewed in a 2d, 4d, 5d way or even be texted based. Virtual worlds are normally related to a world created using the human imagination and technology. There aren’t virtual worlds in books per say, they are called imaginary worlds but theoretically the same thing. They are created using the projections of the imagination of one or more humans. Virtual worlds are created to represent many different things, they can be a parallel universe, a fantasy world or any where someone could go to escape from the “real world”. They can also be used for simulations or experiments depending on the user or users requirements.

  • What is interesting to me about virtual worlds?

The way people use virtual world varies so much from person to person. The experience, involvement and how immersed they get in a virtual world differs so much. Some people use virtual worlds for fun while others may be used to live a second utopia type life. At what point do virtual worlds take over from the real world?

  • How important do you think virtual worlds are now?

Virtual Worlds have been around for a number of years, but the true potential of them is starting to be realized. I think the gaming industry has really pushed the development of the these worlds in the past decade and now other industries are starting to adopt them as well, like the education industry.

  • How important do you think virtual worlds will be in 5-10 years?

With the development of virtual reality headsets, like the Oculus Rift, will push the development of virtual worlds. There is already a huge impact to the development so in 5 to 10 years I believe that virtual worlds will become a more mainstream feature in life. With more people working from home business my decide to adopt virtual worlds to replicate the office working environment to help improve communication between employees.

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