MUVE locations -The Particle Lab

Why you chose it?

I have used this location to get a number of scripts to use in my builds. It also allowed me to view how to script certain prims to perform in certain ways. The location also has many examples of how the scripts work and shows different uses for them. This has helped better at least one of my designs.


What functionality/interactivity it provides (i.e. what do avatars DO there)?

The particle laboratory is primarily built for education purposes. It helps give users ideas and example scripts or tutorials on how to build the scripts. There are locations all over the build that are interactive in some way. Each serves a purpose, to teach or to demonstrate. This is done through a tour based setup with arrow directing the avatar.


Users can choose which tour they want to go on depending on what they want to learn.

How it looks/how is it built/how much scripting there seems to be?

It is a sort of floating tower that avatars can explore. It has a number of different levels. each of these serve a purpose to demonstrate another aspect of particle effects. There is a hot air balloon that also takes users between levels in the “tower”. The balloon presents users with a clickable menu which when an option is clicked will take the user there. There is a lot of scripting in the Particle Lab. Ever example particle effect is scripted along with scripts to load the particle effect script into the user’s inventory. The hot air balloon is also heavily scripted.

Hot air balloon
The color scheme, although very bright, works well for this build. The colors work to show off the particle effects. The dark colors show the arrows on the ground well to direct the users around.  The areas are segmented apart by color codes.


How it compares to others?

All locations have are made differently to cater for their different needs. This location has been built to give users a tour of different particle effects. Some locations that I have visited that are for education and examples are unorganized with example dotted all around there structure. This location uses arrows in different colors to direct users around. The implementation of the hot air balloon in this instance to take the user to different locations a good idea. Using it for sight seeing in the this area would be a poor utilization of it.

What your impressions of it are?

I think that Particle Lab is a great resource. It gives users lots of ideas of how particles could improve their build. There are also so many examples of how everything works along with tutorials.

Scripts 2.PNG

It is easy to follow also and the way the examples are only active for a limited time it a good idea to limit lag.

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