DAT601 – 21/03/2016

I have started the making the procedure that will create the tables to build my database. I used DROP TABLE IF EXISTS above the procedure. As I wrote the code that created each table in the procedure I added the next drop table so I knew that I didn’t miss any. I used my ERD diagram to make sure I had the tables being created in the right order so the the foreign keys would work.
After creating each table I would run the procedure to check that the SQL code was correct. I found the some of my naming conventions were incorrect so I fixed those as I went. This is tables that I have finished with.

Created tables.PNG

Now I need to add in the test data. I want a decent amount of test data so I am going to make it in excel and save it as a .csv file and in port it into the database. I found this easier that writing the test data in. MySQL creates the code using the .csv file test data which I can then test that it works and copy it into my procedure.



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