MUVE locations – Firestorm Social Island

Why you chose it?

I chose this place because due to the friendly people and the build style. The build style caught my eye as it is a style that I would choose too. It is a natural looking island covered in trees with a waterfall/stream running from the center to the ocean. There are social areas around the place which makes it look very inviting.


What functionality/interactivity it provides (i.e. what do avatars DO there)?

This island, like the name says, is a social location for avatars to meet new avatars. There are activities and seating locations that a built to provide a fun relaxing environment to communicate. There are also competitions that avatars can enter and compete against each other. For example there is a fishing competition where avatars try to catch the biggest fish. There are troupes and Linden dollars given out regularly to the biggest fish winner.


How it looks/how is it built/how much scripting there seems to be?

This build is themed around an island setting, not tropical but more temporal. The island is a decent size but not overly large in size. It has an mountain at the back with a waterfall flowing down it to a stream that runs through the center of the island the the ocean. The in front of the island has a beach and wharf with a number of objects in the water, like jet skis that are used in the fishing competition. The island is covered in trees which give it a natural feel. There is a main building and then a number of smaller structures dotted around the rest of the island. These structures all are used for social purposes but for different activities.

Seating 1.PNG
I found quite a bit of scripting around the island. There isn’t as much as other locations that I have been too. I think this is because it’s more of a social island. Most of the scripting involves seating. I did find a few highly scripted items like some bongo drums.


How it compares to others?

Other starting out social areas that I have been to have more scripting I have found. The main starting social lands have clothes and item givers and scripted tours. They also have more instructional boards explaining Second Life and how to use it. They seem a little less like social areas, although there is small talk quite often, but area to pop through a check out and grab some items. I think this is where Firestorm island differs as it seems like an island where there would be real bonding and long conversations. It’s a bit more simple and I saw that as a way to get people to socialize and not look at all that was going on around them.
Two other social areas I went to as I walked around no one talked or tried chatting to me but a few seconds after teleporting to Firestorm Island for the first time I was instantly greeted by someone else on the island.


What your impressions of it are?

I really like the build style of the island. It is a style that I will build off. The builds were well detailed but aren’t over complicated. It was easy on the eye. I think I liked it because it almost replicated a private island hideaway.

Cool Structure.PNG
There were friendly avatars always at the island. Avatars regularly were in conversation. There also seemed to one of the island managers there at almost all times. They were also welcoming. I think the island atmosphere lead to there being a lot of people coming to the island so socialize.

Seating 2.PNG

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