The “Big Six” – MUV601

Second Life has six rules to protect and allow everyone to enjoy Second Life. These rules are known as the “Big Six” A full definition of the rules can be found at the below link otherwise a brief explanation of the rules can be found in this blog.

Big Six Rules;

  1. Intolerance


    • This rule is in place to make the general interaction of Second Life enjoyable. There is no tolerance to hindering another user (Resident) or community group’s interactions or ideas. It also means no derogatory or demeaning language or images are to be used that include or are aimed at another resident or group.
  2. Harassment

    • Due to the free to join and large diversity of residents in Second Life, harassment is a very real possibility, This standard is in place to stop any form of in harassment that may annoy or cause harm.
  3. Assault

    • Due to most of the areas in Second Life having a safe rating it means that no types of assault (shooting, pushing, shoving, creating or using scripted objects) can take place in these areas the targets a resident or residents. This makes sure the experience stays enjoyable for everyone.
  4. Disclosure

    • No disclosing another residents real life personal infromation can take place without there permission. On information that they have made public in their profile can be shared. This also includes any conversation logs.
  5. Adult Regions, Groups, and Listings

    • A area (land) in Second Life is classed as “adult”. The undertakings and what is said is not allowed in the the mainland, where there is no adult class. Any content that falls under the definition of adult maturity is not allowed on the mainland. Other areas may have there own maturity level and rules around this, these must be followed.
  6. Disturbing the Peace

    • Hindering another user’s enjoyment of the game is not allowed. This covers annoying sounds, spawning objects, unwanted advertising to name a few. Also intentionally trying to slow server performance is banned.


Why you think they have been created?

As stated in most of the rules they are made to make sure every resident enjoys there time in Second Life. Second Life is a very personal experience and a lot of the users put a lot of time and effort into their character/builds. The rules are in place to help protect these users from others that intend to disrupt their experience. They also are used to keep different maturity level activities and conversations to separate areas so that users can enjoy every area.

How you would make sure you do not violate the standards?

Most areas that you go to have a board with rules on it or a chat message. I make sure I read the rules at each area before interacting. If there is not any viable rules I would probably go ask another resident in the area for them.  Looking at other users interaction and judging what is allowed and not allowed is a good start. When going to a new region starting out by interacting in a nice a friendly manner and following the “Big Six” until I have found out what the area’s rules are.

A brief description of what to do if you think that someone else is abusing the standards?

If you see anyone abusing the standards there is a report button in the viewer where you can report the user. Also take screenshots I would try taking screenshots, storing the chat if relevant and details about what was wrong. Reporting to the moderator of the area with this information would be also helpful.

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