Permissions on objects – MUV601

Description of the different levels of permissions

  • Modify
    • If checked this allows the next owner to modify the object/s
    • If unchecked then no changes can be made to the object/s
  • Copy
    • If checked another resident can take a copy of the creation and take it into their inventory
    • If unchecked then the creation denies any copies to be made.
  • Transfer
    • If checked then the next owner of the creation can give it to someone else. How they can give it depends on the the if the copy box is ticked or not. If the copy box is ticked then the next owner can give a copy to someone else, but if it isn’t then they can only give the original.
    • If it is unchecked then the next owner can not give the creation away to someone else. If the copying box is ticked then they still cannot.
  • Export
    • Exporting creations can only be done using third party viewers. The user that is exporting the creation needs to be the creator and owner of the creation to do so. Otherwise it isn’t allowed.
  • Share with group
    • If the owner is in a group then they can share it with the group. Anyone in the group can then edit it. The modify, copy and transfer rules will apply still.
  • Allow anyone to move
    • Any resident can move the creation around.
  • Allow anyone to copy
    • Allows anyone to copy the object, if wanting apply this to a whole creation then the rule must be added to every object in the creation.


Suggestions of when you might use the different permissions

  • Modify
    • This allows other residents to modify your creation. It can be useful if you want another residents input into your creation. Remember that anyone can then edit it so limiting to a group will be a good idea.
  • Copy
    • If you want other residents to be able to create copies of the creations that you made. Can be effectively used to make a creation sharable with everyone
  • Transfer
    • This permission is good for shop owners. As it allows them to sell a creation which the next owner can’t sell on or copy onto other users.
    • Other uses are if you want to share a creation with a lot of people then allowing them to pick it up and pass it on either when they’re done with it or create a copy of it and pass it on if the copy permission allows
  • Export
    •  Old uses for this was to copy other creations that don’t allow the copy permission and then reimport them into Second Life. Effectively meaning that they could “steal” creations.
    • Newer uses are for users that create a creation using a builder in Second Life and then want to export it to either store it out of second life or make it better using the likes of blender.
  • Share with group
    • Sharing with a group is useful if you want to collaboratively build or share with a group you have joined. You can still only allow others to copy it or so on if you want but this will be the best option for group builds. Be careful of who is in your group or may get added to your group because they will be able to modify, copy or transfer it.
  • Allow anyone to move
    • There are very little uses for this permission but there could be a few. When meeting new residents or at an event and you want to allow the resident/s to move an object around for some reason and they are not in a group with you. It does allow for easy griefing of the object. Other uses maybe is an demonstration and you want user interaction. You could possibly use scripts to move the object back to its original location afterwards.
  • Allow anyone to copy
    • If you want to quickly share an object with other residents in an area or give a object away. To go this to a creation then all the objects need to have the same permissions. It would be easier to sell the creation for $0L.

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