Asignment 3 Planning – MUV601

Content Creation with Complex interactivity

  • What you are going to do?

I am going to build an interactive and changing maze. I am thinking of designing a maze that has 1 entry and 1 exit but multiple paths to the exit. All the paths will meet at the middle with a door that changes the way that avatars go through the maze. I think two paths from the entry to the middle and two to the exit will allow enough variety. I could add in possible alternate paths as well to add some complexity. These will have to be opened and closed off using doors. These doors will change to open up and close off a maze route after a certain amount of time (1 min?).  After making the maze I’ll test it to see how hard it is to solve. Depending on the results I’ll decide if I want to add in changing textures too. These will change when the doors change. It will add confusion to the maze and the reference points will change. The maze will have a roof to stop people cheating by zooming out. This will also mean I can implement particle effects and glowing lights to either help or confuse. The roof will be one way so if the avatar gets lost of confused then they can fly out the top, but they still won’t be able to see in.

  • What you will learn by doing it?

    • Programing using the linden language
    • Limitations of second life and the possible ways people have solved them
    • People’s ability to problem solve when the environment around them changes
    • Designing a build that allows for additions, to make it more complex, if time is available but completes all the requirements in the first build
  • Description of initial ideas?

Below is a design of a maze I was thinking of using. The red and green lines lead to the middle of the maze, while the maroon and aqua lines lead from the middle to the exit. Where there are the yellow lines they are possible alternate routes. These can be closed or open to provide other ways to exit the maze. The black lines are possible locations for doors that can be opened and closed.


There will be an interactive object at the entrance that will start the maze. This will reset its doors, textures(?), sounds(?) and possibly a timer. The player can then enter the maze. The object at the entrance will have a running timer that will sent private triggers to the doors to change them periodically allowing for different routes through the maze. Sounds could be made at the changing of the doors to warn the avatar. At the end of the maze there will be another interactive object that will stop the doors, textures(?), sounds(?) and timer. Throughout the maze there can be particle effects to help guide or distract the avatar.

  • What resources you are going to need?

An area in second life, textures, sounds,  scripts, time.
Learning sites for scripting because I have limited knowledge in the language.

  • What skills/knowledge you are going to need that you

      1. Have
        • Knowledge on how to build structures in Second Life
        • I know how to import textures
        • Basic particle scripting knowledge
      2. Don’t have
        • How to effectively use the scripting language. I will need to learn how to trigger other scripts, get object to move, change textures and play sounds. I will also need to know how to script in a timer and show text to a user. To gain knowledge on this I can use in class lessons and online documentation. There are also locations in second life that teach about scripting. I will try visit the relevant places to gain more knowledge.
        • I will need a better understanding of the particle scripting for the build to look good as well. I will vist the particle laboratory for help on this and look at online tutorials.
        • I don’t know how the sound system working in second life. If I decide to implement sound into my builds I will have to find out how to import and play the sounds.
        • I can also visit other locations that have mazes. This will give me insight and more ideas on what I could include and how to complete problems I’m having.
  • A rough timeline for your assignment (5 weeks June 19th)

1 week planning.

1 week building and texturing. This time is for the initial build without any scripting. Objects will be place in the best possible places to allow for future development when scripts are added.

3 weeks scripting. I have allowed this amount of time because of my limited knowledge. This time will also have additions to the build as more scripts are implemented.

  • Which platform will you use?

Second Life

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