A3 Problems – MUV601

Size Limits

The first major problem I ran into was the size limit of the build platform. The maze design I had was a 25 by 25 square design and as I had decided to make the wall to rounded amounts of one meter to simplify the build process. My original idea was to had the pathways within the maze at least 2 meters wide. But after testing the this by building a quarter of the maze I realized that this wouldn’t work.
I would of needed roughly 50 by 50 meters to work with. The build platform is about 10 meters less than this and it would also leave no area around the outside to build a entrance or exit. Even using 1.5 meter sizes was to close to the edge. Therefore I had to bring the build down to 1 to 1 ratio. Bringing the size down meant that now I had plenty of room to build around the maze as well.
These size limits did change the original build plan a bit too. This brings me onto my second issue.

Texture Problems

I was going to have textured walls in the maze that would possibly change. But due to having only 1 meter wide paths in the maze when ever I added a texture to the wall I found I was an visual overload and made the paths feel very claustrophobic. After testing for quite some time I decided to change the walls to black. The effect I found was I transformed the maze from an assault on the sensors to a almost a black hole on the inside. But this isn’t a bad thing because I added a bright floor texture. Now when attempting the maze I look down and the defining lines between the black and the floor make it easy to see where the walls are. The black also makes the doors stand out.

Doors Scripts Not Working

When I added the doors into the build the original idea was to have the doors activate on a sensor when an avatar was close by. I found this had several issues.
The first problem was I couldn’t get the code to work. I had created a simple script that when the user touched the door it moved it up and down every 15 seconds. I then took the script I had for the center pillar message and tried to combine the two. The issue I ran into was the script wouldn’t recognize the < and > I had added. It somehow lead to the door movement script activating when I was standing outside the  sensor area and then when I moved into it the would stop working. I change the script many time to no avail. In the end I found a script that almost did what I wanted it to and tested it using that.

The second was even when the doors were linked the center point for all of them was not the same. So when I set a radius for the doors to activate on and then flew out a small distance the close set of doors to me would activate and the second set  wouldn’t. This lead a misalignment in the swapping of close to open on the doors.

In the end I copied and modified the scripts I was using for the orb particles to start and stop the opening of the doors. I added a start and stop button at the start of the maze to do this. I did try adding another stop button to the end of the maze but when I would click it it would only stop one set of doors and not the other set. I made sure that the code was identical and it should of worked but nothing I tried did. I added a notice at the saying if the user is finished with the maze to please turn the doors off when finished.

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