Blog 12 – Report Rewrite

In the first week of the 2 week term holidays I started the report. I had a basic layout and the background and project plan almost done. I had also started taking notes for other sections as well. I then lost the file. I’ve had this happen before.
It was saved in Onedrive and I had the file open. I closed my laptop and left it. When I came back to work on it the laptop had restarted, for an update I believe, and the word file containing my project was gone. When I opened word and went to recent documents and tried opening the document, it said unable to find the file.
I checked Onedrive both on my computer and online and it have disappeared from there too. It was also missing from Onedrive 30 day history. This was the same as what happened before.
Luckily I hadn’t done too much work on it, so I restarted it using the template provided on the project blog. I have redone the work and am roughly up to where I was up to before. Although this time I believe I have improved my layout and design. I have decided to base the bulk section of the report on my blogs. They provide a timeline of how I did the work. I will use them as a base and turn them into a format used in reports
I am also saving this new report in a different location, my dropbox. I haven’t had any troubles with dropbox before. When the report gets a bit bigger I may consider saving it to another place as well, just for extra peace of mind.


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