DAT602 – 13/06/2016

The game is pretty much finished. Well as far as I want to take it. I’ve got to add in a timer that updates the main menu DGV but that’s only if I have time.

I’m going to move onto the finishing up the final milestone now. It going to be a tight week as I have another assignment due at the same time.

So far this is all the forms and classes i’ve got;


The game gets really big really quick. I was quite surprised.


DAT602 – 6/06/2016

I have now added in the admin section of the game. It is not fully finished. Im yet to work out how to select a user from a DGV and then load the cell data into a form. I need this to do the Edit user function for the admin. I want it to fill the text boxes.
I’ve got the add user and delete user working.
The rest of this week I will start the game side of the game. There is quite a bit to do in that section.

EDIT: i’ve got it taking the username from the first cell, requesting the users data and then inserting that data into the fields. Took a while and a lot of google searching but I got there.

DAT602 – 1/06/2016

I have been working hard on the game development. So far I have the ability for the user to login and logout. I have been working on getting the whole login section done before moving on. So that means that I’ve added in parts for incorrect passwords and blocked users. There is a create a new user form too now. I found once I had the basic code down there was a lot of testing to make sure I get the right result. Im hoping to have the user be able to log in and go to a main menu by the end of the week. So far I haven’t had to make any changes to my procedures.

Login Code.PNG

frmCreate USer.PNG

DAT602 – 30/05/2016

I finished off my procedures but didn’t get the function code in milestone 2

I also didn’t end up meeting up with Jared. He had other things come up.

I’ve got the basic layout started on the final program for Milestone 3. Ive decided to try build it to match my Story board right from the start. It will be easier that way.


2 - Login Screen.PNG

Game Design below

frm Login.PNG


DAT602 – 25/05/2016

Game Database

Above is the new database design I have come up with. I’ve completed the redesign of the database tables to suit this too. This meant re-creating lots of the test data as well. It became a very lengthy task in the end. I wish i had the feedback a little earlier so I could of done these changes last week. Anyway I now need to create a set of procedure that fit this. I’ve made quite few but a few will need to be changed to match the new database layout.

Im also going to meet up with Jared tomorrow to give him a hand.

DAT602 – 19/05/2016

So today I got feedback on Milestone 1. This will lead to a lot of changes in my database. From what i can work out i’m going to have to redesign the multiplier part. I also want to change where the multiplier locations are and how they work. The random generation and selection of a number of random location is a poor design choice so ill change this too.

DAT602 – 16/05/2016

So over the last week in a bit I’ve been working on a bit of catch up. I have started creating a set of procedures that the game will use to interact with the database. I haven’t done too many though has I haven’t got feedback from Todd about Milestone 1. I want this back first before continuing because if I need to change my database then these will all change and I don’t feel like going back and redoing them.

Ive also been working on my Procedure Testing console app. I’ve been using the procedure i’ve been creating to test it. So far i’ve got a login system working. It passes the parameters that I enter to the procedure which logs the user in and then I can log them out again.

The logout class is below as well as the login screen;

Console login

Log out code


DAT602 – 4/05/2016

Milestone 1 hand in tomorrow.

Panic!! I have gone to open my storyboard and can’t find the document anywhere. I had it saved in my onedrive. PowerPoint knows that it made it but the actual file doesn’t exist. I have checked the history of my Onedrive and it’s not in there either. I’m going to have to make it again. So ill do that tonight. I wont be able to complete my procedures part for the first milestone then because I was going to do them tonight .

Earlier however I completed my CRUD table. Ive also brought together everything I have so far for milestone 1 onto one document.

Part of my CRUD table below;


DAT602 – 2/05/2016

Over the holidays I worked on finishing the usage scenarios. I have ended up with 13 of them. I hope that is all i need. I have also brought my database procedure all together into one with the creation of the tables and inserting of the test data as well.

On Wednesday I will bring together my storyboard, usage scenarios and database procedure into one document. I have just started looking at the procedures part of the milestone. It seems like a big part of it as well.